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David Talbot and Alex Todorovic discuss portfolio management success factors

There’s tremendous disruption in energy right now. Today’s “net zero” carbon targets and the restart of a post pandemic economy have created opportunities and risk for investors.

Trading activity in carbon markets has re-accelerated post the pandemic, in ways almost reminiscent of cryptocurrencies two years prior.

Carbon markets are variably highly regulated as in the European Emission Trading Scheme, or much more freeform and emergent in the voluntary markets, which are seeing rapidly growing interest associated with corporate and government decarbonization pledges.

New asset classes like this are being introduced that more than ever require entirely new data to construct and manage a family office or hedge fund portfolio. You can’t find it from the traditional data providers. Funds that can integrate and manage large volumes of new data will have the most agile portfolios. That’s a real edge today.

In this podcast David Talbot and Alex Todorovic provide an overview of the carbon credit trading opportunities from a market perspective and from “in the trenches” experience. Join us to learn how Investors today can leverage technology to capitalize on the expanding universe of new data to achieve agility alpha.