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How AI Can Help Solve Skilled Labor Shortages

Accordia Group is delighted to welcome two of industry’s most respected experts in the digital automation space to discuss the backdrop for a massive surge in new economy related capital spending, and how the impending skilled labor shortage will need to rely increasingly on AI.

James Moore has covered the European Capital Goods sector for 25 years. Before joining Redburn 15 years ago to run the Global Capital Goods team, he was the European head of Capital Goods at Goldman Sachs.

Dale has worked in the industrial sector for over 30 years. Dale is a pioneer of the Internet of Things and has founded several companies in the sector including Axeda that he sold to PTC for $170 million.  Dale’s most recent startup, InSkill, is pioneering the use of AI to help solve the worker and technician shortages caused by the changing demographics of the industrial workforce.

Join Angelo Robles, Founder of the Family Office Association, as he finds how traditional capital goods companies are transitioning towards potentially more rewarding SAAS based revenues.