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Global Investing for Family Offices

Accordia is delighted to welcome our regular market commentator Mark Tinker to a discussion with Angelo Robles.

Mark brings 35 years of sell side strategy and investment experience to answer critical questions about geopolitics, economics, currencies and investment markets with a view to the second half of 2023 and beyond. Mark turns his attention towards:

  • The real cost of money

  • Why public markets can take share from alternatives

  • Why leverage and illiquidity as investment factors are losing their earnings power

  • If the FED models don’t work why does the rest of the world copy their actions?

  • Does the Biden Modi charm offensive make India a good investment market?

  • How will the petrodollar market survive?

  • Is China really on its knees or is this a convenient narrative?

Join us to get answers to these questions and much more.