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Angelo Robles chats with Tom Herman (CEO Meta-Carbon)

Accordia Group’s Decarbonization Blindspot is always on the look out for ways to benefit, both socially and financially, from the rush to decarbonization. Work on our Ruby Carbon Platform has led us further into the world of voluntary carbon markets, and through collaboration with Meta- Carbon, we are taking a trip to the intersection of carbon offsets and crypto driven digital art, or NFT’s.

Family Office Association founder, Angelo Robles, interviews Tom Herman, the founder of Carbon Creatures, the creator of digital art, designed to protect the habitats of endangered species through the purchase of carbon offsets.

Tom will discuss how offsets allow market price signals to send social capital, via the blockchain, to the most efficient areas of carbon sequestration anywhere in the world, a critical mission for the many companies to address scope 3 emissions within their zero carbon targets.

Carbon creatures aims to engage consumers in a fun and engaging journey to carbon neutrality, sending funding to the highest quality projects worldwide.

Tom discusses how the price of the highest quality carbon offsets have almost doubled from $8 to $15 in recent months.

He will discuss the high utility of blockchain to measure, verify and control the flow of funds to the best sequestration projects.

Tom projects voluntary carbon markets may reach $50 to $100B within this current decade. The emergence of one new asset class is interesting, but with the increasing focus on NFT artwork as a collectible, it is wise to understand what is happening at this intersection.

See the full interview at the Family Office Association here.