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When it became apparent that the season would end in March due to the coronavirus, Russell Jones, CEO of the Stamford Symphony, called on Accordia Group to create a digital channel for classical music lovers on its website. Accordia produced the symphony’s new eCommerce website last fall and was more than happy to provide the technology support to make Russell’s vision for digital transformation a reality.

The resulting new ​Stamford Symphony Channel ​was up and running in ten days and the audience is now enjoying programming from the Symphony from their homes. Jones noted, “We felt immediately that we had a responsibility to our audience and the wider community to fill the void that the cancelation of so many artistic events had created. The Channel is for everyone, whether they have even been to hear us play at the Palace Theatre or not.”

The channel features musical performances, interviews with musicians, talks, articles in the press, a “just for kids” section, resources for classical music lovers, and access to the symphony’s online events.

Russell added, “The Channel allows us to showcase our musicians in a three dimensional way and have them share their individual personalities in a way that a uniform concert experience cannot. The Channel is the musicians of the Stamford Symphony who have poured out their commitment to the community and despite very challenging times for them have donated huge amounts of time and content.”

One of the most popular posts is a rendition of Amazing Grace (arr. Bill Ross) featuring Stamford Symphony musicians and three soloists (violinist, Elena Urioste, pianist Mark Bebbington and cellist, Nick Canellakis) all performing from their homes. The performance is dedicated to the Fairfield County healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.

The Stamford Symphony Channel’s popularity has garnered media attention, too – picking up many feature stories across the region. The channel is a great example of how organizations have adapted to the new reality of operating in the era of coronavirus.

“The silver lining in this cloud is that a new way of communicating and sharing music with everyone in Fairfield County has come about, for as long as we need it it will be there. It will continue to exist long after this crisis has passed because its vitality is now part of the Stamford Symphony tapestry and elements of the Channel will become an established backdrop to the return of live concerts,” said Russell.

According to Vanya Todorovic, Accordia’s COO, “The Accordia team was excited to support the Symphony in building out the new channel, as it provided an opportunity for our designers and programmers to do something different than our normal work supporting customers’ financial portfolio management needs.”

In noting the partnership that has emerged over the last year between the symphony and Accordia, “We could not have done this without the incredible technology support from Accordia. Vanya and her team just stepped up and delivered. I think they have as much community engagement zeal as we do! They instantly knew the importance of this work and they went the extra mile, and late into the night, to get us a really extraordinary platform.”