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Because your family office is as unique and complex as the family it serves

Because your family office is as unique and complex as the family it serves

Why does the right Asset Management System matter to the future of your Family Office?

Your Path to Agility Alpha

Whether you want to diversify your assets, seize new opportunities or get more from your data, Ruby with its state-of-the-art, cloud-native capabilities is ready to respond.

From its modern look, flexible reporting, and accessibility from anywhere, Ruby serves an informed and well-prepared next generation of wealth builders.

One seamlessly integrated data platform, one golden copy of your wealth management data

Why Ruby

One Consolidated View

Ruby offers account consolidation across multiple counterparties and custodians. Whether you invest in liquid assets like equities, futures, and bonds or in long-term products like hedge funds, real estate, and private placements, we offer one up-to-date, unified view of your entire portfolio.

Flexible Reporting

Create your own custom reports on the fly and have them delivered on schedule or on demand across teams and functions: portfolio management, exposure, risk, performance attribution, compliance, collateral management and more.

Enhanced Automation

Take advantage of Ruby’s cutting-edge automation tools to eliminate manual processes and improve the reliability of your data, while freeing up resources to focus on essential tasks and materialize cost savings.

Access from Anywhere

Whether it’s you, your staff, or your family members, you can all have instant access to your data from anywhere there is an internet connection. Ruby is a cloud-native and fully-managed platform which allows the family business to focus on their core interests in wealth preservation and growth as well as philanthropy.

Secure, Redundant and Scalable

Depending on the needs of your business, choose whether you want a hyper-performant or cost-efficient platform. Achieve improved security, business continuity, and elasticity that matches your unique requirements.


Turn Technology into your Advantage

Knitting together multiple best-of-breed systems is both expensive and outdated. Adopting a next generation, integrated single platform will not only save you a lot of headaches and money, but will also transform your business with new speed and responsiveness.

Move at the Speed of Business

The investment world is constantly evolving with new product offerings, stricter regulatory requirements, and an explosion of complex data. Respond to the challenge by adopting a new, smart and agile system.

Stay Lean and Punch Above your Weight

You built your family office to gain more control of your assets and reduce your costs. Use a world-class platform that enables you to achieve your ambitions without breaking the bank.

Solve for Today’s Problems while Investing for the Future

Ruby allows you to diversify your wealth by supporting both financial and non-financial assets in one platform. It gives you the peace of mind that your investment books are in ship shape at all times, while you focus on preserving and growing your wealth.

Dig into Big Data with Ruby's Robotics and AI Tools

Take advantage of Ruby’s Robotics and AI capabilities, custom-built for the investment management business, to make the most of your data and improve your investment decisions.

Who We Serve

Hedge Funds

Registered Investment Advisers

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