September 8, 2008
Accordia Group Unveils a New Platform for Searching, Navigating and Browsing of Your Business and Social Networks at DEMOfall ’08
September 5, 2008
Accordia RM will be launched at DEMOfall ’08

Enterprise Search and Information Visualisation
Unify Access to Your Corporate Knowledge and
Build Stronger Organizations

Valuable information about clients, assets and services is created and stored in disparate systems throughout an organization. Your business must be able to leverage that data to effectively solve problems and make better-informed decisions.

The Accordia Group’s unique implementation of information retrieval and indexing algorithms, interwoven with advanced data navigation and visualization tools, provides your organization with superior access to your corporate knowledge base.

Our Enterprise Search and Visualization Platform facilitates both data and content delivery with a single easy-to-use interface, powering business solutions throughout your organization.

Business Solutions
Managing Connected Organizations

Business communities are built on complex connections between individuals, organizations, and assets. Discovering obscure and elusive connections can result in new business opportunities.

Accordia Relationship Management couples the traditional CRM approach with a powerful search and relationship visualization engine. Our customers can build, manage, and search their unique business networks, discovering new relationship paths and business opportunities.

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Business Intelligence for Business Users

Business Intelligence applications are often too complex to provide information discovery for
non-technical users, so the average business professional frequently misses out on valuable information.

The Accordia Data Browser blends the techniques of a traditional BI system with search, data browsing and interactive visualization tools to bring data discovery to business practitioners.

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