Managing Connected Organizations

Accordia RM is a new generation of Client Relationship Management software, providing ordinary business users extraordinary insight into their client relationship information. Our software platform offers, not only an effective way to capture and track client interactions, but also superior control over the data they want to search and manage.

Accordia Advantage

  • Interactive relationship network maps provide a revealing snapshot
  • of your business environment
  • Powerful keyword search engine delivers a comprehensive view into
  • all client data, facilitating superior access to your enterprise knowledge base
  • Configurable point-and-click user interface provides custom delivery
  • of underlying content to user desktops
  • Flexible database customization engine allows on-the-fly addition
  • of new data fields, empowering your business to quickly adapt to changing information needs

Our Search and Visualization engine seamlessly connects to most third party CRM databases.

“Connect John to Peter” will retrieve the shortest, or if you prefer, the strongest link between these entities up to 6 steps of separation.