Business Intelligence for Business Users

Fundamentally different from traditional Business Intelligence (“BI”) applications, our system is more intuitive, scalable, visually compelling, and accessible to business practitioners at any level of your organization.

  • Powerful Keyword and Semantic Searches offer a unified view of
  • corporate data.
  • Ability to fine tune the system search area, as well as search ranking
  • algorithms, accommodates the various needs of different users.
  • Completely Customizable Data Navigation and Browsing Engine
  • allows customized access to information.
  • Interactive Financial-Charting and Data-Analysis Engines deliver
  • advanced data management tools.
  • Ability to save your Financial Studies enables users to save their
  • historical models and share information with other team members.
  • Full integration with Excel offers additional flexibility for charting and
  • data analysis.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with your corporate data stores minimizes
  • implementation costs.

The Accordia Data Browser provides a highly customizable and user-friendly interface.

Clients can easily customize their view of underlying data by either defining their own tree structures used for data navigation or specifying the organization and presentation of search results.