About Us

Company Info

Founded in 2005, Accordia Group, LLC is incorporated in Delaware with principle corporate offices in New Rochelle, New York and additional facilities in Nis, Serbia. We employ over 60 software engineers working mostly in Java and C#, and several computer scientists, and PhDs working in our Research and Development division.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build highly functional software applications that give ordinary business users unparalleled access to underlying company data through efficient search and visualization, as well as full control over the Graphical User Interface.

Our Technology

The heart of our software solutions is a sophisticated Enterprise Search Platform, which is in charge of connecting to, reading and indexing underlying data and translating its business model into a document model form that is keyword and relationship search friendly. In addition to providing Web like search experience over structured and unstructured information, our platform also allows federated queries across multiple data sources, as well as multiple instances of search configurations running simultaneously.